Logo Design

Logo Design

Your logo is an essential aspect of your company’s image. It’s often the first thing your client will see and has the potential to make a lasting impression in an instant. If you are looking for something clean, professional, modern or whimsical, Get Noticed Branding has the necessary skills and expertise to bring your image to life. We will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Below shows an example of the Design Process and modifications for a logo project.

Overview: The client wanted a logo which focused on a Park Ranger. They wanted the Park Ranger to have his arms crossed similar to the "Mr. Clean" logo, and it was a must to have him wear a survival bracelet. They also wanted the logo to incorporate all aspects of survival such as water, food, shelter and fire.

Design Process Draft 1

The image above is a first draft sketch. This is the first time the client was able to see their vision come to life. We present a sketch without many details to make sure that both the client and Get Noticed Branding™ are on the same page with the direction of the logo. Once the "Green Light" had been given by the client, we then proceeded.

Design Process Draft 2

The image above is the second draft. In this image the Park Ranger really comes to life and the logo really incorporates outdoors. You can see a tent, fire, water and fish jumping out of the water in the background. Those images were designed to capture the essence of wilderness survival (water,food,shelter, and fire). A wood grain was added to outer circle and text.

Design Process Draft 3

The image above is the third draft. In this image the logo was converted to a circular design with the company name along the top half, and the tagline on the bottom half. "The Ultimate Survival Gear Authority" was added to the Park Ranger's patch. Also, a survival bracelet was added, and a badge to the uniform to make the Park Ranger look official.

Design Process Draft 4

The finished product! The font was changed to make the logo more appealing and will stand out no matter what background it is placed on.